We are a team of artists and creative individuals that, together, provide an avenue for individuals out there who have the passion to create and want to have fun with others, exploring a new and exciting passion! We believe that everyone has the ability to create gorgeous works of art and are bringing that talent out in a fun and encouraging atmosphere.

THE (Awesome) OPPORTUNITY: This is an opportunity to be a teacher of Art, a teacher of creativity, a teacher of confidence and inevitably; happiness. You will have the opportunity to bring out a talent that we believe everyone has, in a fun and exciting environment. This is what we do. We are looking for like-minded individuals that will help us on our quest!

How to know if this opportunity is right for you:

• You are minimum age of 18 years.

• You are comfortable guiding art lessons and have an outgoing personality.

• You are able to articulate clearly, loudly and concisely the processes of the evening to a crowd of people.

• You are comfortable with social media and using it to promote your events.

• You are OK to lift and transport items. You are game to set up all your attendees’ art stations. This may require moving furniture and light lifting.

• You are responsible for getting to your events an hour before to set up and stay an hour after to clean up.








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